Uplift U Inverse!

This was my entry for the short film challenge "Uplift Universe".

Uplift U Inverse! (Short film)

This was our entry for the short film challenge "Uplift Universe", Organized by CGSociety, the film was never finished since we got too busy with other projects! Here you can see a few images of project progress and modeling, texturing, etc. WIPIs.

Project Information:

This project is in progrss!
Clients: CGSociety,
Team: mim, unknown, Hossein Izadi, yury sakovich,
Date: 2008-03-18
Work Hours: 21
Location: Australia
Has to show: 124x,1x.
Categories: 2D - 3D - Animation
Tags: mim, Armand, uplift universe, challenge, short film, CGSociety
Tools used: 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects,
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