Doodler Bot

Doodler Bot is a robot that knows doodling!

Doodler Bot (a robot that doodles!)

Doodler bot is multiple step project, in each step it evolves and gain capabilities to do additional tasks; during the first step it's suppose to be able to draw (or print) pixel arts and image on the ground. Below are few images of the wooden screw-free structure of the robot body designed to be cut-out completely using a laser-cutter machine. The robot house an Arduino card in itself.

Project Information:

This project is in progrss!
Clients: 3Dots, personal project,
Team: mim,
Date: 2012-01-09
Work Hours: 9
Location: Paris, France
Has to show: 5x.
Categories: 3D - Programming - Invention - Art
Tags: mim, Armand, doodler-bot, robot, arduino, laser-cut, screw-free structure
Tools used: Arduino, Microsoft Office, Git-SCM, Github, Autodesk AutoCAD, Windows PowerShell, Sketchup pro,
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