World Stories! (new project)

Artwork by mim.Armand for the World Stories project
Artwork by mim.Armand for the World Stories project

After finishing my InDesign Plug-ins (at least the beta version!), while I’m writing my thesis (due in a month!!) I’m planing on my next projects as well.
Although I will definitely work more and update IDTK extensions (both free and paid versions) in future but since I don’t have enough feedback on them yet (it feels pretty much deserted in Adobe Exchange website! although it may be becouse my plug-in targets only CS6 in this version but I was expecting a little bit more hits!), Anyway, I decided to start something more reliable for now! (I should add that I’m very happy with my experience with Adobe, and that I’m an Adobe partner now!)

So! what’s next project?!

It is an application targeting Mobile app-stores!
It is something between an app and a game, or both!
I’ll update you with more of it later, but for now enjoy the first sketch in progress I made for this app, A Cicada! :)

regards, mim

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