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1and1’s version of version control systemes (like git)!



It is just ridiculous!

1and1 is advertising preinstalled git SCM on their shared servers now for a while, but their version of this version control system is just unbelievably nonsensical (even sometimes stupid!)!

Problems with 1&1:

  • there would be JUST ONE SSH available for your WHOLE Package! that means even if you host 12 websites with them you’ll have 1 and only 1 SSH which have access to EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE in your server!! which means:
    • you can’t work with anybody else on your git projects except if you give them access to your WHOLE server to just be able to push or even pull to one repository!! Whats funny is that they tell you to do this if you want to work with other developers, on their “git” page!!! (Just UNBELIEVABLE!),
      I have the french version tho (another funny things about 1&1 is that you can’t change your CP Language! supper annoying!)

      1and1 git horrible suggestion!!!
      it is the worst thing a hosting company can say to their customers!
    • even if you want to have “single user” git (!), most certainly you don’t want that user (even if it’s yourself) have root access! which means taking a big, unnecessary risk to accidentally do something everywhere in your server rather than in your repository (I won’t give such an access even to myself, meaning having root access to work on a directory!) this makes it even more scary if you have several domains hosted with them and horrifying if some of those are for your clients!
    • you can’t have a git web interface for your git!
    • having a git with no possibility of contribution (of more than one user) is like having a big bus with no door or windows! then it’d be more like putting yourself in a moving jail in form of a bus!
  • No sudo is availale in 1and1
    • in contrary (to have SSH root access) you don’t have access to your root super user, No sudo in 1and1
    • that means you can’t have a lot of good/useful stuff available normally to a web-master, a good git interface to call one! and no, you can’t enable/install it!
    • this would really limit your options in certain level when you want to have something which is not available by default in their servers
    • using SSH is ridiculously useless then except of using this more ridicule version of single-user git since you can’t do anything more than you can using ftp!!
  • It is just ridiculous! the way they think (if they do by any chance) is really bizarre and incomprehensible, why would you do this? why 1and1?!!! It is just ridiculous, nonsense logic!

Anyway, unfortunately if you happened to caught in their servers too for the moment your one and only option to have a private git on your personal server is to not have it!
but fortunately there is some alternatives still, for example if you work with a small team (up to 5 person) you can have unlimited repos in Bitbucket, or if you can afford it you’ll be able to find lots of paid options (git-hub enterprise namely or Bit-bucket itself again or paid options in github.com)

Fair well and watch for 1&1!