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Fête de la Musique 2014 – Paris!

It was 21 June of 2012, when I was already packed my small world in my big back-pack to get in the night-train and go back to Paris from my short, 3 days trip, to Toulouse (a trip for a small meeting with people at ESMA (Ecole supérieure des métiers artistiques), campus Toulouse).

I remember the date because (without me knowing it) it was a special date! It was Fête de la Musique and it was awesome! I got out from the small youth hostel (La Petite Auberge de Saint-Sernin) I had for two nights, at noon and decided to just wonder around and visit the beautiful city of Toulouse till midnight when I had a night train to Paris at around 1 AM. it was a very hot day at Toulouse and despite the beautiful architecture and all the red bricks and of course  kind people from Toulouse ( Les Toulousaines! ) I was really ready for the day to end and get in the train!

But, by the beginning of evening, the face of the city start to change! streets were being crowded and sounds started to raise! this transformation happened so fast that I didn’t understand how I got between thousands of people and hundreds of bands playing and dancing in every corner of the city!
That afternoon I had a lot of fun and even made a few good friends! it was so fun and it gone so fast that I was regretting the fact that I had to leave a bit before the very last minute of the event to get in the train station!

It was my first experience in Fête de la musique and it happened that I was in Toulouse but in train I was wondering how it could have been in Paris if it was this much fun in Toulouse?!!
Well… I got my answer 2 years later! last night! 21 June of 2014! Fête de la musique in Paris!

I should say that it was incredible and awesome, but…, I don’t know if my expectations were high or… I just feel it was a little bit more awesome (!) in Toulouse! but you should definitely try to be in France for fête de la musique! it is soooo goood! 😀
Anyway! here you can see a little video I made, filming a few bands who were playing last night in Paris at the top of this post, and also you can find some of the videos I took of that night in Toulouse! here, and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here!!! brrrrrr!!! :/

Bon fête de la musique everybody! 😉


Ah! by the way I finished the spatial hash grid class and I’ll post it up in first chance! 😉