How to change app Icon in Processing (for Windows)

Processing 2 logo (
Processing 2 logo (

For one of my projects I was looking up to see how and if I can change the exported application Icon from Processing and surprisingly found nothing!
In-fact looks like that you can change Icons easily in Mac OS:

by using “Show Package Contents” and editing Info.plist or replacing sketch.icns with something more exciting.

But you are out of luck in Windows! although you can change the title bar’s icon using frame object like:

Although even that doesn’t work perfectly since you are limited to a 16×16 px icon which looks horrible (when you use alt-tab for instance in Windows, etc.) But anyway I didn’t find anything explaining how to change the application icon itself (that means even before running it), then I tried a few resource hacker/ editor tool-kits, like Resource Editor by Anders Melander, XN Resource Editor by Colin Wilson, to edit embedded icons later-on (after exporting the app) which kind of work (you’ll be able to just edit a few icon resolutions and your pretty much limited to the tools you have access to in the toolkit, and you have to repeat the task every-time you want to rebuild the app!), hmm! yeah but not very convenient! so I started digging in processing source files and found out you have a better chance if you edit and build it yourself but then I found even an easier way to do it!


1. Create your Multi-page / multi-resolution Icon file (I did a lot of research to find a way to do this too! and only “good” options available (to my knowledge) are 1. using ImageMagick command line tool, and  2. awesome free GIMP (Even Adobe CS doesn’t have this options!) (you need: 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256 px versions of it in one file with color depth of 32)

2. Duplicate your *.ico file and change the extension of one of them to *.icns then rename both of them to “sketch” ( sketch.icns and sketch.ico )

3. In your processing folder (where you installed/copied the software) navigate to these two address:

4. make a back-up of sketch.ico and sketch.icns files and replace the original ones with your new files (please be aware that it will change the icons in all the exported apps forever and not just for the current sketch -if there is any!-  (as far as you don’t restore your backed-up icon files))

5. That’s it! now if you export your app it will have the new icons (the file icon viewable from the explorer) and of-course to change the title-bar icon you should still use the code mentioned above.

– Alright! Please let me know if you had any questions or if it didn’t work for you, 😉

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