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World Stories! (new project)

Artwork by mim.Armand for the World Stories project
Artwork by mim.Armand for the World Stories project

After finishing my InDesign Plug-ins (at least the beta version!), while I’m writing my thesis (due in a month!!) I’m planing on my next projects as well.
Although I will definitely work more and update IDTK extensions (both free and paid versions) in future but since I don’t have enough feedback on them yet (it feels pretty much deserted in Adobe Exchange website! although it may be becouse my plug-in targets only CS6 in this version but I was expecting a little bit more hits!), Anyway, I decided to start something more reliable for now! (I should add that I’m very happy with my experience with Adobe, and that I’m an Adobe partner now!)

So! what’s next project?!

It is an application targeting Mobile app-stores!
It is something between an app and a game, or both!
I’ll update you with more of it later, but for now enjoy the first sketch in progress I made for this app, A Cicada! :)

regards, mim

You need a plan to write a business plan!

Grand Paris Project (Europa City)
Grand Paris Project (Europa City), Souce:

So Paris Incubators and Paris Region-lab and one of my good teacher/friends, Michel Agnola, wanted me to write a business plan to participate to their consours  of innovative start-ups in the region of Ile-de-France with one of my projects, Animetro which was one of my proposals to the team of new developments of the city of Paris in the super-project of Grand-Paris and my main project of my Masters 2 program in Paris 8 university!


So far, so good, but hey! what’s a business plan?!
To be honest it isn’t my first time writing a business plan, I did it bunch of times for different projects, some of them successful and other ones not so much, so I may be able to do it again; but this one have to be way smaller! something between 2-5 pages maximum! (they said 2-3 which I guess means 5 max in french! 😀 ); and I have just a few days to do it (3 days to be precise).

So I did a bit research to get inspired (and clear my mind from other project which I was working on for a while!) and start and since you need to know what exactly you need to do before starting to do it! here it is the results of my thoughts about how to write a quick and effective business plan: (work in progress)

You need a plan to write a business plan:

– keep it short
– keep it direct
– make it beautiful!
– make it for yourself!!

– Keep it short:
Because of the expansion of the universe, nowadays, time goes faster and yesterdays one day goes as fast as 1 hour in today’s time! and as a result, nobody has time to read your master-piece book of the legend of business planes and if you write it in hundreds of pages you won’t surly help them to be enough courageous to even open it!

– keep it direct:
be straight forward, give them what they need, nothing more, nothing less, (if you don’t know what they’d need look at the 4th item in this list: make it for yourself!!), don’t lie, write it for someone who doesn’t know what you are talking about (no abbreviations, no super-technical terms, no complex formulas and charts, no code!)

– Keep it beautiful!
Com’on! it’s! it doesn’t matter really anymore in which sector you work, your business proposal should have the minimum standards of visual aesthetics to be considered just readable and taken seriously! use simple charts, don’t fill the pages with long paragraphs, have a clear and logic sectioning in the document (starting from a short introduction (executive summary) to market strategy and analysis etc.)

– Write it to yourself!
Put yourself in the investers shoes (or whoever you are sending your business-plan to)! would you become interested to invest on your project just by reading current business-plane? … if your answer was immediately yes! throw it away and just ask somebody else write a new one for you, otherwise see how you can improve it to make it more interesting for yourself!


I’ll update this post later with my progress on it! 😛

Hi there in future!

This is the hello world post!

I just created this blog today, at 30, May, 2014 but I’m not new in blogging universe! In fact, something, someone kept me back, not letting me blog! And it was me!
As an artist who just happened to be a (so called) “developer” as well, you’ll get the worst of both worlds! Artists are perfectionist; they’ll never finish a project, a painting, a film, or a blog!

So I ended up installing more blogging platforms, CMSs, WP, MODx, Bolt, etc. and designing more themes and custom versions than blogging at all!

My first blogs date to many years ago, with always unfinished features hanging around on pages! You may still find bunch of them semi-alive here and there on or blogspot or …, my personal hosted blogs but I guess are expired (maybe because the domain name wasn’t perfect and I bought new ones which I’d like more, so the old ones gone by time)

But that’s enough of it! I have still lots of unfinished / semi-finished / let’s call it finished projects and I’m working on them, because that’s what I love to do, but for blogging part of me, that’s enough of waiting for other parts (of me!); Here it is so, a simple empty Word-Press slate, with Twenty something theme!! ofcourse I’ll update/ change/create or customize the theme in future, but 1. I’m not waiting for that to surprise the world anymore! 2. I’ll put it here once it was production-ready (at least to my least standards for my personal use!) so I will work on it on a sand-box.

That’s it to say right now but I like to add the reason why I write (or log) anyway:

I don’t have any audience in my mind and I’m not writing anything here for anyone, I’m just writing for myself, to satisfy this internal need to write! To document! And to put an end to all scattered footnotes here and there in my sketchbooks, books and papers! (I know though that’d continue anyway!)
These are notes to myself, to my future-self, to remember and to relax and not worry to forget again for my current-self!

Mim,, 30.5.2014, Paris