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Paris Air Quality app (v 1.0)

Paris Air Quality app and Widget is now available on Google-Play!
Paris Air Quality app and Widget is now available on Google-Play!

Paris Air Quality is an app I developed in two weeks.
It simply shows you the current status of air quality in percentage (It is the French standard so don’t ask me what would mean a 100% polluted air!) for Paris and Île-de-France region.

But the cool thing about this app is that first of all it works! (in contrary to the AirParif app with 10m$ budget!! -will write more about that later!-) and secondly the fact that it is based on good UX design, It has a Widget that you can put in your Android home-screen and it will update itself every once in a while without using too much of your cellphone battery! and aesthetically it is very pleasant!

Paris Air Quality app and Widget is now available on Google-Play!
Paris Air Quality app and Widget icon (app available on Google-Play)

Other features:

  • Native Android app (not web-view based like AirParif).
  • Has a beautiful and battery-efficient widget.
  • beautiful widget designed for your home-screen.
  • resizable widget with different layouts for different widget sizes.
  • It is completely free.
  • It is completely ad-free (No advertising at all).
  • Independent development.
  • No permissions required except of internet connection! (very secure)
  • Available on Google Play, Amazon and other Android Markets.
  • Easy to use (Just drop the widget on home-screen and that’s it!).
  • Open-Source.

So if you live in mentioned area (Paris and Île-de-France) go check this useful (and honestly must to have!) application on Google-market right away!

If you live in US, Canada or Mexico you can use this app (Air Quality USA) instead (an update for this is scheduled).

Air US, real-time Air quality monitoring app for USA, Canada & Mexico!


Air US
Air US is an application that helps you to monitor (in real time) the Air Quality Index of your area.

Long time, no post, but that was because I was super busy with different projects which I will talk about later, bu today I want to present an application I worked on during last week and is published in Google play and will be published soon in Windows phone app store as well:

Air US (Air quality in US, Canada and Mexico) <– Android

And On WP8 and up!

It’s both free and ad-free so go check it out if you live in these areas, it’s pretty useful and (to be honest) kind of addictive (it was at least for me)

It shows you AQI (Air Quality Index) in real time for up to 5 different important components (depending on the availability of data in your area).

Knowing the air quality will help you be healthier by adapting your physical activities and your preparation for the matter. Just check it out!

PS: I’ll let you know when the WP8 version is ready.  It is ready–> Air US on WP8 store!


BaaS (Backend as a service) review – 2014

MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service)
MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service)

For my projects I was studying some of the services available today and to keep track of the results in future and also to share them with anyone who would be interested I’ll put a list of services I found promising here:

Have a good day!
mim, 😉